Websites for SMEs

You may think small businesses only need small websites. However, the World Wide Web is often the means a small business needs to grow into big business. BDS Web delivers high-impact websites that focus on increased visibility allowing you to gain a competitive edge, maximizing value, and benefit from SEO optimisation.

Here are some of our packages, designed to help you quickly grasp what BDS Web can offer. Our aim is to make decisions about your business and your web presence as simple as possible:

1. Kickstart Website Program

You get a mobile friendly, professional website that will engage your customers. Ideal for a start-up, solo entrepreneur or micro business, the Kickstart Website Program offers great value for money.
This package includes the services of BDS Design, so you are assured of excellence in looks as well as functionality. BDS Web’s Kick Start Program is ideally suited to businesses that need to create a great website that will outperform the competition and attract a growing audience to your brand to drive growth.

2. Digital Growth Program

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You get a mobile friendly website SEO Marketing tools bespoke marketing campaign. Designed to start driving an increased return from your website and online activities our BDS Web and BDS Design divisions will work closely with you to attract more visitors to your website and generate more enquiries that you can turn into sales.
BDS Web’s Digital Growth program is ideally suited to established businesses looking to expand business opportunities especially online but also offline. It will assist you in out-performing the competition and attracting a growing audience to your brand.

3. Digital Marketing Program

You get Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Marketing Tools bespoke Marketing Campaign Social Media Training.
The step that adds marketing via social media to your online presence. Get your own virtual PR company working to sell your products or services. The explosion of social media platforms recently can seem a daunting task to address but we offer the set-up and the training for you to manage this all-important PR opportunity for your business.
Once again our Design division will enhance your look and feel online while our web experts will guide you through the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google , YouTube, What’sApp and LinkedIn so that your business will get noticed.

4. E-Commerce Starter Program

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You get a WOO Commerce Platform Paypal Custom Design 1 Year FREE Hosting Training.
For businesses that need to sell online, BDS Web’s E-Commerce Starter Program is ideally suited to taking those first steps into online sales. It offers the ideal infrastructure to ensure that visitors to your website find buying from you an agreeable process and that they will return again and again.
Our E-Commerce Starter Program can be used in conjunction with our Digital Growth Program and Digital Marketing Program enabling you to market your website and build an audience for your products.

The online market is now worth some £91bn in UK and the BDS Web Starter Programs offer you the opportunity to reach your audience and let them buy when and how suits them best.

Of course, you don’t have to buy into a package to enjoy the wealth of experience BDS Web has to offer. Simply contact us and talk to us about what you need. You will find that in today’s highly competitive world of web-oriented marketing and sales, contacting BDS Web may be the best decision you make.