Websites, Apps & Data

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BDS Web specialises in the construction and management of data-driven websites and brochure websites that work beautifully across a desktop, tablet and smartphone. We also offer associated applications including e-commerce, online marketing, analytics and content management software.

We have both modular and bespoke web solutions. This means we can keep costs down and deliver quickly if your website conforms to certain patterns or requirements. We can also create your website from first principles to ensure your web presence is unique in all aspects and directly addresses yours and your clients’ requirements.

We work collaboratively with our clients to meet their business objectives and combine this with our own innovations to create accessible, dynamic and stylish websites. By working with our BDS Design division you can be assured of a website that looks as good as it is functional while data from our BDS Data division can be integrated with ease, providing access to your book or home entertainment content, leading to a full e-commerce solution.

So with our data, design and web offering, you can take one, two or three services to provide a total solution for your business. It is a unique and powerful partnership that you can carry over from your website into your printed material and advertising.


The BDS Web team has been developing web sites for nearly 20 years and has an unparalleled depth of knowledge and experience.

We offer an Open Source approach to software that allows us to integrate the best available software for the job. Whether you are looking at a WordPress theme, a Drupal widget, a twitter time-line or any other requirement, the BDS Web framework is flexible and adaptable enough to incorporate them all. We have a huge repository of software, support and developers to ensure we can provide you with the latest, best and most reliable solutions.

If you already have your own company identity and design team, we will be happy to incorporate your existing design. If you already work with a content supplier or have content specific to your line of business, again this is not a problem. At BDS Web we work with you, alongside you, so you can be assured of the best results for your business.

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Application Development

Whether you need a web page archive, a recruitment database, a searchable pdf library, an e-book shopping basket, we have experience and knowledge in developing apps that run on iPads, iPhone, Blackberry, Microsoft Windows Phone OS, and Android phones alongside the traditional desktop platform.

Data Handling

BDS Web’s experience in data handling is second to none and runs alongside our BDS Data division which creates industry standard and cutting edge data for all books and home entertainment media. This experience has led BDS Web to become the service of choice for large publishers and online retail outlets whose websites have to handle large quantities of data.