SEO, Social Media and online marketing


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BDS Web has built much of its reputation through the development and implementation of its excellent search engine technology, therefore we understand search engine optimization or SEO. Search engines are the most commonly used resource by which internet users find the information, sales platform or product they are looking for so optimizing your website for search engines should form an important part of any marketing strategy.

The majority of search engines, notably Google, crawl and index pages by following links so the structure of your website and its links to and from your website are important. Another important factor is good, concise and relevant written content. BDS Web can help with all of this.

The best way to make your site more search engine friendly is often, simply, to add text that is on the topic and adds value. Such an addition will create a new set of keywords and phrases for the search engines to crawl.

BDS Web can ensure the right words appear high on the page so that search engines can find and list your site high in their rankings. Alongside carefully written content, we can also ensure you have the right tags and metadata stored about your pages.

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Blogs are a good way to get your message across to your customers.

Having a blog allows you to quickly publish news stories, features, articles and interviews. You can even create online polls, embed video and automatically create RSS news feeds that are sent directly to subscribers.

BDS Web can set up a blog for you, and style it to reflect your corporate identity, which is then fully editable by you or your colleagues, enabling you to add content as and when you need.

Social media & online marketing

Creating an online identity means more than having your own website. Social media and digital marketing offer exciting prospects for any business today, however there are many things to learn and set up to ensure your strategy is as effective as possible. At BDS Web we are here to help get you up and running as fast as possible and we can follow up with training to ensure you get the most out of the resources we provide.

Social Media

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The purpose of social media is to extend your branding and marketing communication beyond your website and offline presence through participation in various social media networks. If you are new to social media we can set up accounts for you with services such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Vimeo and guide you through the process of editing and updating your accounts. We are also able to integrate content from social media websites into new or existing websites.

Social media is very much about responsiveness that builds a relationship between you, your business and your clientele. As such it can be a time-consuming operation but BDS Web can integrate social media feeds with your website, automate posting and, perhaps most importantly, advise on the best way to proceed for your business.

Email Marketing

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E-casts are e-mailings to a client database to inform them about a diverse range of events within or around your business. You may wish to advertise a new product, you may wish to promote a special offer, you may wish to inform your clients of a success such as a new, important contract, you may wish to inform them that you will be at a certain trade show.

BDSWeb can build an e-cast template that can be readily integrated with your client database and work with a variety of service providers, such as Mail Chimp, or BDS web’s very own e-cast service.

We can help you build your own opted-in marketing list and automate and personalise your emails for any device and get analytics that help you improve as your campaigns progress. We can even provide the means to automate the sending of your e-cast at a certain time and date, so that, for example, an email is top of the clients’ inbox when they arrive at work first thing in the morning.

For information on how to build content for your e-casts, see our BDS Design section which address both visual and written content for web marketing and more.


Publishing an e-newsletter is great way to keep your customers up to date with latest news, events and product releases whilst driving traffic to your website and converting more users to buyers.

We can create a graphical e-newsletter template for you, based on your website branding, and host it on our Content Management System for you to easily update. It will be ready to send to your opt-in email subscriber list or distribute to specific customers as and when you need.

You can also create an archive of past e-newsletters to ensure that old news items are archived.