Publishers & home entertainment

BDS Web has particular expertise in building book-related applications for booksellers and publishers. We have extensive knowledge of bibliographic data handling and can provide tools for managing and maintaining a publisher's list information. Our content management system (CMS) can handle all versions of ONIX, both for import and export. Importing BDS Web data can be achieved automatically or we can handle a publisher’s own bibliographic data and export this to BDS in order to ensure maximum visibility of titles to the market, including and uniquely, to library services across the UK.

We also have a longstanding association with Bertrams, Gardners, Ingrams and other distributors and can integrate with their databases via datafeeds, as well as with Amazon and other website APIs. BDS Web contains its own data hub API for 3rd party in-bound integrations.

With BDS Web you can sell physical and e-books, create micro-sites per title and mini websites for authors. BDS Web is the publishers’ complete solution.

Home entertainment

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Today’s home entertainment sector offers a huge range of products across film, TV, games, music and audiobooks, on both physical and digital platforms. BDS Web is the most experienced market player in this field. It enjoys a highly experienced team of developers dedicated to making high throughput e-commerce websites work for its customers. Just as importantly, it has its BDS Data division which produces the most complete data set of home entertainment products, each uniquely classified for easy identification and retrieval.

Our participation in a European research project into establishing information streams across multiple platforms of syndicated content for home entertainment products means that we are at the cutting edge of information technology to drive product sales and user awareness of home entertainment products.

Combined with our unique experience of working with the publishing industry and building websites using huge data sets, it is easy to see why BDS Web is the first choice for websites addressing the home entertainment sector.