BDS Web makes your e-commerce website secure while ensuring that your customers will find it easy to use. Buying products online is made easy for visitors to a BDS Web built website because we were there at the start of the e-commerce retail boom and we are part of the process that has resulted in the huge growth in customer confidence when shopping online.

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We address changing security requirements and the specific trading needs of diverse sectors while our systems can handle multiple currencies and languages, execute pre-configured rules for discounts and deliver a smooth checkout and fulfilment process including configurable post and packing rules. Meanwhile your information gathering can grow through an order history log and current order status information.

The BDS Web framework provides a fully comprehensive e-commerce-enabled web site. You can choose from three currently available shopping carts, connect to any one of over 200 Payment Gateway providers (including SagePay, PayPal, WorldPay), and sell any products, either physical or via download.

Although our systems are suitable for all types of merchandise, BDS Web has a particular expertise in building bookshops. We can handle product databases of any size, even millions of products, and we have instant and immediate access to BDS Data media catalogues meaning that we can create Publisher websites quickly, reliably and populate the product catalogue with current information.