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Heritage, arts, visitor centres, arts festivals, artists, music societies, nature trails, eco-tourism, restaurants… BDSDigital’s long list of websites dedicated to the arts, culture and heritage is impressive. Whether it is the National Trust for Scotland or London’s gastro-pubs, the first Christian settlement in Scotland or a heritage farm in the Cotswolds, BDSDigital is the first choice for many of the UK’s most cherished cultural icons.

The key to success in building cultural websites is understanding your product, understanding your audience and your visitors and understanding the context in which your attraction is placed. To this end the BDSDigital team is more than a team of technicians. We employ writers and work with artists and historians to ensure that when we do a job that lies within the cultural sector we know more than the code to build a website.

Take a look at some of our case studies to see what BDSDigital can do for you and then contact us. Whether you need a website for an event, such as a festival with event listings and an online box-office, or a brochure site celebrating something important about your history or environment, we can help. And don’t forget, we can also help with your marketing strategy via the web, social media and online marketing such as e-casts and newsletters.

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Brochure websites

Brochure websites are the perfect way to display your goods and services, talk about your company or institution, introduce yourself to the world and get talked about. The main distinction between a brochure site and an e-commerce site is the primary goal. With a brochure site you wish to be understood, talked about, even enjoyed, but your primary aim is not to sell articles directly over the internet.

That is not to say that you won’t sell anything. Maybe your business is too complex simply to have a cart and sell items. Maybe the items for sale are too expensive or cannot be shipped. Maybe you need your site to encourage people to contact you or you wish to raise your profile, to be seen, to build the myth.

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However, brochure sites still obey the rules of all good websites. Content is all important. Indeed, as your primary aim is to create an impression, content on a brochure site in the form of good writing and quality photography is vital.

BDS is an expert at content and design, so when you choose BDS Web to build your brochure site you know that you are in good hands. BDS employs writers on its marketing staff, many of whom are highly regarded and sought after within the world of content creation. The Design division employs photographers and an expert in film and animation, so you can be assured of quality content all round.

No-one knows your business or organisation as well as you. It is our job to allow your vision to flourish and be seen on the World Wide Web. Brochure sites can be a few pages or large online museums or warehouses of information. Whatever your requirements, BDS Web can help.

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