What our customers have to say

Clients Using BDS Direct Supply Services

Westminster and the other Tri-Borough Partnership authorities use the BDS EDI model to increase efficiency

“Thanks to the experienced experts in BDS who work with specialists in our library service, we were able to adopt the BDS EDI model which resulted in significant efficiencies while meeting all the requirements of our library service’s setup and practices. We send an EDI quote to our LMS supplier and, in turn, BDS works its magic to deliver our MARC records. The result is a fast, cost-effective and reliable service that takes place behind-the-scenes with no need for intervention on our part. We not only have a top quality catalogue but a catalogue that is always up-to-date and maintained within
Catherine Cooke, Senior Business Systems Analyst, Westminster City Libraries.

Norfolk use Direct Data Feed for speed and flexibility

“After consultation with BDS it was decided that the Direct Data Feed model was best for our library service. The thing that we really value about BDS is that the company works with the library service. BDS is not a faceless organisation that takes your money and supplies an off-the-peg service. We have many Dewey amendments and we used to change our catalogue records manually. BDS not only dealt with our complicated requirements but worked with our LMS supplier to ensure that these amendments were loaded with no intervention on the part of our staff within Norfolk Library service. The result is a catalogue that meets all our requirements supplied with the minimum of fuss. For speed and flexibility of service, BDS offer excellent value.”
Pauline Montgomery, Central Operations Manager, Norfolk County Council Library and Information Service

Essex use BDZ for fast loading into the catalogue

“At Essex we use BDS metadata to maintain our catalogue via BDZ as we are z39.50 compliant. The great thing about BDZ and BDS is the responsiveness with which they work and the ability to source records for multiple formats (including DVDs and CDs). We request records, both singly and in larger batches, and they are instantly visible in our catalogue. This means that the catalogue and the library staff can offer the best and most reliable service, which is especially important in a service the size of Essex where large numbers of people are served across a significant geographic spread. We can definitely say that every penny of our money is well spent on BDS metadata.
Andrew Coburn, Acquisitions & Cataloguing Librarian, Customer Operations – Libraries, Essex County Council

Leeds Trinity University use BDZ to aid students with their studies

“BDS data enriches the quality of our Library catalogue search experience by providing succinct summary descriptions of each book, a table of contents and contributor biographies. This additional content is searchable via our catalogue and it becomes a very useful tool. Students are now able to find chapters in books, relevant to their assignments, which they may otherwise have missed. The BDS data has helped to open up the Library.”
Rebecca Coombes, Systems & Liaison Librarian (Media, Film & Culture), Andrew Kean Learning Centre, Leeds Trinity University

Clients Using BDSLive

“We have been impressed by BDS’s flagship product since its launch. Its accuracy, richness of information and flexibility in use have added value to our library catalogue. As we use it we find more ingenious ways exploit its potential. East Sussex County Council Library Service uses BDSLive and the customer-facing, BDSLite, so both librarians and the general public give this new development from BDS a thumbs up.”
Chris Desmond, Stock Strategy Manager, East Sussex County Council Libraries

“BDSLive has enabled the Library at the University of Bath to make informed decisions regarding stock, to keep our libraries effectively organised and functioning smoothly. Furthermore, its breadth of content, detail and visual referencing has enabled us to identify many items in special collections and generate catalogue records.”
Claire Tylee, Bibliographic Services Librarian, University of Bath

Client Benefits and Value

“BDS demonstrated innovation and accuracy in addressing the requirements of the British Library. BDS’s recognised expertise in the constantly evolving world of bibliographic standards means we can be sure their records will meet our demanding quality requirements.”
Neil Wilson, Head of Collection Metadata at the British Library

“Today’s service to libraries is about so much more than supplying the book or the DVD. It’s about a wide range of support systems and cost-effective, first class services. BDS has a vital role to play in that. This [library supply] whole process is entirely based on Askews’ wealth of experience of libraries combined with the metadata that BDS produces.”
Andy Holland, Director of Sales, Askews and Holts

I would just like to congratulate the BDS team on their efficient service. Yesterday, I had 280 EDI quotes records for large print books and sound recordings; today I have none! Thank you.

Pat Sheahan, Cataloguer, Stock and Specialist Services, Libraries, Registration & Archives, Kent County Council

“With the EDI model BDS offers an effective solution towards maintaining an excellent and up to date library catalogue. Our LibrariesWest consortium benefits from seamless data supply from BDS delivered via our LMS supplier. This ingenious solution ensures the smooth running of libraries throughout the south west of England, in both rural and urban communities.”
Carol Gold, Manager, Foursite Bibliographic Services, Somerset Library

“The service is excellent and has become part of our daily processes, saving us hours of manual input and avoiding inaccuracies in metadata.”
Sandy Forster, Information Resource Manager, Coventry University

“Capita congratulates BDS on its twentieth anniversary. Throughout our long partnership, Capita has appreciated and shared the clear focus of BDS on the values of quality and timeliness of metadata for libraries, and that has enhanced our products. It is a pleasure to work with BDS staff and we look forward to many more years of a successful partnership.”
Terry Willan, Business Analyst at Capita Libraries

“This is great news for Capita libraries. This new five year deal maintains BDS’s role as a major supplier of multi-media extended metadata to Capita. BDS metadata offers a wide range of benefits, including maximum compatibility with existing standards from a company that truly understands libraries.”
Karen Reece, Head of Libraries, Capita, on the completion of a new 5-year partnership deal

“We chose BDS because of the depth, breadth and accuracy of its metadata. We get a daily direct data feed and we can update records using BDS Auto-Response. It is essential when working across so many authorities that the information we hold on stock is as rich as possible while adhering to bibliographic standards.”
Zoe Albright, Consortium Business Manager, South East Library Management System (SELMS)

“We are delighted to be continuing to work with BDS. Not only has the relationship between LLC and BDS been long and successful, it has also enabled LLC to remain at the forefront of metadata provision on its stock across member boroughs.”
Ann Rennie, Library Services Manager at the London Borough of Havering on behalf of the London Libraries Consortium

“We make extensive use of BDS CIP records when we are cataloguing our new British stock. If there is a BDS record, the book can go straight to the shelves. This saves a tremendous amount of time, and allows our students and researchers access to the stock within a few days of its arrival.”
Alison Felstead, Bodleian Libraries’ Head of Resource Description

“As well as using BDS metadata via the BDZ Softlink service, our OPAC is enriched by cover images supplied by BDS in real time. The book cover images are very important and enhance the study process. Perhaps because we are a visual culture, perhaps because we are so linguistically diverse, our students can readily identify what they are looking for via the cover of the book.”
Marisa Calleja Head of Service, SLS HQ in St Julians, Malta

“Copyright infringement has a direct impact on the jobs of thousands of people in the UK and threatens the survival of businesses small and large so we are delighted to welcome BDSWest10 to our list of accredited organisations and I am also sure that we will find its metadata invaluable in carrying out our day-to-day investigations.”
Peter O’Rourke, Director of Investigations and Intelligence at the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT)

"The expertise, knowledge and experience of BDSWest10 is behind Oxfam’s bid to expose its goods to a much wider public and increase its revenue to help people around the world."
Tom Baldwin, Category Manager, E-commerce Team, Oxfam GB

"We are delighted with the help that BDSWest10 has given MovieMail. An initial surge in conversions of 67%, a rise in transactions of over 60% and an increase in time on the website of 30%."
Carol Hunter, founder of MovieMail

"Our relationship with BDSWest10 is great – the data is excellent, their API is reliable and BDSWest10 is always there to help whenever we have a question or requirement."
Andy Stephens, Flubit

"BDSWest 10 is committed whole-heartedly in helping us show people the return they get from film, TV and video, and the amount of work that goes into making content they love."
Katy Carter, Marketing Manager at the Industry Trust

Publishers, Booksellers and the Trade

“BDS has demonstrated its ability to deliver data which meets our focus on taking the business forward online."
Kieron Smith, Digital Director, Blackwell's

Click on the image to view Kieron Smith talking about why Blackwell's chose BDS

"As metadata suppliers to the UK university system and Blackwells, BDS are a critical partner to many of Bibliocloud's publishing clients, in particular to university presses and professional and academic institutes, with advanced metadata requirements and a strong following among BDSs metadata dissemination partners. Through their technical excellence and easy communication pathways, BDS have consistently made this partnership completely effortless, and have been a pleasure to work with."
David Aldridge, Product Director, Bibliocloud.

"SAGE looks to BDS for expertise and guidance on both the MARC data standard and library cataloging expectations. We rely on their high-quality work to enable discovery of our ebooks and we are grateful to BDS for their partnership in developing MARC records for new born-digital publications, like streaming video."
Lettie Conrad, Executive Product Analysis Manager, Online Products Team, SAGE

"OUP has been receiving library-quality MARC records from BDS both for our own e-resources and for those of our partner presses for nearly six years. We’ve always found them responsive to our deadlines, sometimes at very short notice, quick to query problems so we can resolve them and excellent communicators. We would be delighted to recommend them to other ebook publishers."
Oxford University Press

"BDS provides a unique and vital service to Scottish publishers. BDS ensures that data on Scottish books is efficiently distributed to all those potential customers, library services and others who need it and use it. That means - simply - for publishers, that if you send BDS your data, they will help to increase your sales. They are also always unfailingly nice and efficient to work with - it’s always a pleasure to be in touch with a lovely team. We are very grateful to BDS for helping us to grow our business. Thank you very much!"
Liz Small, Waverley Books

“When we selected BDS to create our new website we knew them to be book industry experts in data integration and display. The site we now have uses the powerful BDSDigital search facility in a non-intrusive way. We are delighted with the consumer-friendly interface that we have achieved, and have found BDSDigital helpful, quick and responsive, but most of all, flexible, to our evolving needs. The project has been on time, on budget and has thoroughly met our expectations.”
Yale University Press

"Raintree and Curious Fox have worked with BDS for many years. Their service makes sure that all our books are coded expertly to ensure they can be found by the reader in the library. A close working relationship always ensures that our books are in the right place and we often liaise with them to make sure that the information supplied is accurate enabling them to correctly code and send this information to libraries everywhere."
Carol Bee, National Trade Sales Manager, Raintree and Curious Fox

"Faber & Faber have been supplying ONIX to BDS for many years and we have successfully upgraded to an ONIX 3.0 feed with no disruption. We generally have few queries, but those that do arise are dealt with promptly."
Azar Hussain, Head of Data, Faber & Faber

"In the twelve years we have been working with BDS, managing bibliographic data for UK publishers, they have proven to be efficient, friendly and highly professional."
Paul Ward, Ward McCandlish

“At W F Howes we believe in the importance of efficiently providing new, popular titles in up-to-date media formats with accurate data. Our deal with BDS allows us to extend and enhance our offering into the field of e-books while maintaining these publishing values.”
Dominic White, Head of Publishing and Commerce, W F Howes

“I have worked with Dorothy Reid and the BDS team for many years now, and it has always been a pleasure! It is not only the excellence of the service they offer, it is the fact that BDS are always friendly and approachable and go out of their way to help.”
Pat Vance, Sales Administration, Compass Independent Publishing Services

“We have worked with BDS for over twenty-five years and, in that time, we have always found the staff very friendly and very helpful. BDS are very efficient and pay a great attention to detail – this is so important when dealing with publishers’ bibliographic data.”
Julie Sankey, Sales Office Manager, The Crowood Press

“BDS and Dorothy Reid have been nothing short of pleasurable over the many years I’ve worked with them. Always friendly, speedy, and communicative.”
Karen Maine, Co-Publisher, Daunt Books


“Fascinating visit to BDS Group – an innovative business producing metadata on books, film and other media – cataloguing for us all.”
Tweet from John Swinney, Deputy First Minister for Scotland

“Our visit to the BDS offices in Dumfries was an extremely valuable and enjoyable day. We were delighted with the opportunity to discuss ur requirements directly with the cataloguers and to explain our needs as a public library, particularly the level of customer service which we are striving to provide. Lesley and her team were very helpful, offering solutions and advice.”
Jean Keay, Librarian – IT and Systems, and Marion McPherson, Cataloguer with South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture

“Very many thanks to you and your staff for making my visit to BDS so interesting and informative. The mix of talking sessions and demonstrations was just right, and it was a real pleasure to meet and speak with your friendly and engaged staff. I was particularly impressed with their dedication to the quality and timeliness of your products. Thank you also for the delicious lunch, and the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences.”
Alison Felstead, Head of Resource Description, Bodleian Libraries

BDS Training

“Attendees at the RDA workshop in Cardiff came away from the event feeling enlightened and positive that they had a better understanding about RDA than when they had started. Jenny Wright was friendly, helpful and well informed, and able to give practical information about the RDA toolkit which she obviously uses herself. She was exactly the kind of trainer we needed.”
Dr Karen Pierce, Cataloguing Librarian, Cardiff University Information Services

“The RDA training provided by BDS was really useful. It was great to get some background and then for that to carry through to practical examples of cataloguing material using RDA standards. The presentation wasn’t too techy and Jenny was clearly very knowledgeable about the subject. Following the session I feel more confident with my ability to use and understand of RDA, so thank you Jennie!!”
“It was really useful, and provided much food for thought.”
“Jenny had an in-depth knowledge of the theory and history of RDA and an understanding of its implications for the modern library. She gave a lively and interesting presentation that covered all aspects of the topic”
“I found the session very informative and very useful.”
“Really useful and interesting day.”
“We all found it really useful!”
Cataloguers, University of Kent

“I think that it was a really good course, well-organised, well-presented, covering all the areas that I hoped would be covered.”
“The course was well led and well paced. I feel I have a better understanding of the subject and it’s implementation.”
“It was a very good introduction to the topic and I left feeling quite positive about using RDA – it felt slightly less of a mountain to climb!”
“I think quite a lot of ground was covered very well considering the time constraints. It certainly covered everything (and more) that I wanted to know. I had come prepared with a list of questions and checked them all off so I was very impressed. I now feel able to begin starting out in RDA and I will be referring to the handouts and notes I made on the day.”
“Staff from BDS were, as ever, extremely knowledgeable and helpful.”

Cataloguers’ feedback on “Introduction to RDA for Cataloguers” held at Capita’s Solihull offices, 23 June 2015


Big Lit Festival

“We are hugely grateful to BDS for enabling us to bring three excellent writers and performers to our Big Lit event day. BDS, we know, is a company committed to quality and its support for this event that forms a cornerstone of the local authority’s cultural programme, has proved vital.”
Chrys Salt MBE, Artistic Director at The Bakehouse

Cash for Kids

“We would like to thank BDS for their on-going support. Cash for Kids makes a difference to children living in poverty in local communities within the Dumfries and Galloway area but we would not be able to do this without the help of organisations such as BDS. Eric and Lesley have been huge supporters to the Charity for 5 years and have been one of our main sponsors of the Cash for Kids lunch ensuring that all money raised can go back out to the children who need it most. Thank you so much.”
Debbie Fraser, Regional Charity Manager, Cash for Kids.

“I would like to extend thanks to all the participants, observers, organisers, and helpers, and to BDS for its continuing support to CIGS, and its generous sponsorship of the Reception that marked the close of an intensive and successful week of bibliographic debate and decision-making.”
Graeme Forbes, Head of Ingest at the National Library of Scotland.

Da Vinci Challenge

“BDS were extremely supportive of the first ever DG da Vinci challenge and helped the challenge move forward in many ways. They supported students and teams in their preparation for the challenge days, provided much needed sponsorship and were with us on the actual challenge days lending their expertise, providing practical and moral support! The key thing about their involvement was the impression that young people were left with in terms of their employability and for them seeing skills and knowledge in a real life context – that of BDS – it helped to bring the learning full circle. ”
Lesley Sloan, Curriculum Support Officer – CfE Implementation, Dumfries and Galloway Council

“The local cataloguing community could not have organized this without the support and sponsorship of BDS, not just on this occasion but for the many years the company has been part of Scotland’s professional metadata community.”
Gordon Dunsire, Chair of the RSC.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

“We have enjoyed seven glorious years of support from BDS. When I say we I, of course, mean The Bakehouse, organisers of the Globe’s annual visit to Scotland, but I also include the thousands of happy theatre-goers who have attended the seven incredible productions of Shakespeare plays that have taken place in the grounds of The Crichton, Dumfries. Without BDS none of this would have been possible and BDS support went beyond financial matter and extended to introductions, donations of prizes, profile raising and even the odd buffet for our hard-working volunteers who assist at performances. Quite simply, BDS has been fantastic.”
Richard Macfarlane, Business Manager, The Bakehouse


“BDS is a strong supporter of initiatives at UWS, including the sponsorship of the award for top fourth year Computing student. We very much appreciate that BDS believes in helping students to reach their full potential, and also that the company helps prepare them for the world of work beyond. A number of our students are currently employed by BDS which provides valuable work experience in a cutting-edge business to complement formal study, while some of our graduates go onto begin careers there. We are very grateful for BDS’s continued support and co-operation.”
Caroline Bell, Marketing Manager, Marketing and Communications, University of the West of Scotland

Words Over Waltham Forest

“Not only was BDS’s financial support greatly appreciated and vital in making our first WoW Festival happen, it was great to see that BDS took a real interest in our events and attended many of them.”
Josephine Regis, Cultural Programme Officer, Culture & Heritage Services, London Borough of Waltham Forest