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Your website is likely to be the first point of contact between you and your customers. It is also likely to be the ongoing meeting place where your customers find out about you, your products and services and your values, even if they also know you personally.

Your audience will access your website on a wide range of devices – desktops, iPads and tablets and, increasingly, smart phones. Statistics show all age groups are increasingly browsing the internet via tablets and mobile devices. It’s never been more important to ensure that your website looks fantastic on every device.
Call our sales team now and find out what BDS Design can do for your online presence.

At BDS Design we have the experience to ensure that your website looks good on all devices and retains full functionality while at the same time integrating that all-important visual identity or brand that identifies you in the market place.

BDS Design works alongside the BDS Web team, but even if you already have a website and a team to build it, BDS Design can make your site rise head and shoulders above the competition. We have extensive experience within our team and work to the highest standards. That is why we are chosen by the cultural sector as well as commercial organisations.

Using BDS Design and BDS Web services provides a holistic solution to maximise the impact of your company. We will ensure that your brand identity is carried over into printed material, animations, exhibition display, advertising and online marketing – even your fleet of vans if you have one.

So don’t accept second best for your website by using close approximations in design, cheap imitations or off-the peg solution. Investing in your image makes a positive statement about your company and its services that has a wider reach than you could otherwise possibly make.

It pays to look your best by working with the best: BDS Design.