Social media & online marketing

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The recent explosion of social media is in part due to the business opportunities it offers. If you are working with BDS Web or you have your own web department, creating a social media presence that is consistent with your brand and values is vital.

To find out more about design for platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, YouTube and Vimeo contact the BDS Design team now.

While social media engages ever-growing audiences, the time your audience has to interact with your brand is always short, so a strong visual presence is required if you are not to get overlooked.

By working with a combination of BDS Design and BDS Web we can set you up with all your need to begin building your social media presence. Our teams are here to help. See our packages to get an idea of what we can offer SMEs; larger companies should contact our sales team now on 01387 733 060 or email

Online Marketing

Alongside social media and often working closely with it, is online marketing. This can take many routes and may include, for example, an e-cast marketing campaign via email. Our team are here to help you decide on what is best for your business.

However you choose to develop your online marketing, you will need the strongest possible visual presence to help you get noticed among all the competition.

At BDS Design we believe that simplicity and beauty matter. They make you stand out. Combined with your brand, simplicity and beauty speak of sincerity and high standards. With BDS Design we guarantee that not only will your brand be reinforced through your online marketing campaign but also your message will be carried in a highly visible manner that does your organisation credit. You will get noticed.

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