Interpretation & signage

BDS Design has a wealth of experience working in the field of interpretation and signage.

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Work with BDS Design and you get a company brimful with creative energy and industry experience. So creative they are chosen by the biggest and best in the heritage and culture sector. Delivering diverse and demanding projects on time and hassle free, BDS Design has enjoyed over 25 years at the heart of an ever-evolving design and interpretation industry.

From traditional walk-through spaces or guided walks to interactive, start of the art, digitally controlled environments, BDS Design can make your vision real and maintain your brand identity through all content, meaning your design and interpretation needs are met in one beautiful package.

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Now you can enjoy augmented reality

Make your exhibition or brochure completely interactive using animated video and digital content with no cables or hardware required. By combining interpretation with wireless technology, smartphones and screens a whole new range of interpretative possibilities are opened. Your attraction will not only inform, it will impress and bring in others that can’t wait to experience what you have to offer.

What will BDS Design do?

Guarantee creative flair and enthusiasm
Take responsibility for gathering all collateral
Build and develop interpretive themes
Bring knowledge on legal restrictions
Ensure best practice for materials and resources
Oversee all production
Prepare and stay alert to a “snaglist”
Work to schedule and budget

Why not get BDS Design to quote on your project? You’ll get the most from your money and you can relax in the knowledge that your message will reach out to the people that matter most to you… your customers.