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Trade fairs and exhibition are still an important window onto your business and they offer the opportunity to meet your audience in person. First impressions count and help you stand out from the crowd. At BDS Design we are experts in creating 3d spaces and large presentation panels that help you get noticed while at the same time carrying forward the all-important elements of your brand into a crowded exhibition space.

Whether you need a rectangular exhibition booth dressed to draw the crowds, a single panel to announce your presence and say who you are and what you do, or you want an architectural freestanding space that allows visitor interaction, BDS Design has the experience and expertise to deliver what you need.

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We can work to tight schedules and deadlines and we can liaise with printers and builders on your behalf, ensuring everything is delivered on time to where you need it.

We can create televisual displays, films and animations to draw attention and to inform your audience of your key message.

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What will BDS Design do?

Guarantee creative flair and enthusiasm
Take responsibility for gathering all collateral
Build and develop interpretive themes
Bring knowledge on legal restrictions
Ensure best practice for materials and resources
Oversee all production
Prepare and stay alert to a “snaglist”
Work to schedule and budget