Content creation

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It’s an old adage, but the truism “content is king” still holds across all online and offline channels. Rich, engaging, interactive and informative content has priority in driving your brand and engaging your audience when undertaking media campaigns or simply building material for day to day consumption.

At BDS Design, a large proportion of our work starts with a blank piece of paper and it’s our job to bring your story and content to life with its own individual flavour. The building block of your brand, perception and values should start with your brand identity. This will expand throughout all the points of contact between you and your audience. It will be reflected in your imagery and your language. As your content grows, so will your image, influence and attractiveness to customers.

What is content?

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Everything you produce to tell your story and sell your products and services. After your brand, it is how the brand develops. It may involve film or animation. It will almost certainly involve text and the way you use language.

Is language important?

Extremely. This area is often poorly addressed in the design process but at BDS Design we take it very seriously. Well-written content not only persuades that you should be taken seriously, tells your audience that you are knowledgeable or educated in the areas that matter and accurately informs your audience about your products and services, it is also vital with regard to search engine optimisation, ensuring that you rise high in the search engine rankings.

Find out more about how BDS Design can help with the writing on your website. Visit our Get Your Copy Right page or contact usfor more information.

So should I have lots of content?

You should have relevant content. The content is there to keep your audience’s attention and to convert into sales or a phone call or a good review. We have all met the salesman who spoke too much and lost the sale. It is the same for the content you present to your audience. Avoid repetition, keep it dynamic and flowing, ensure its accuracy and add a pinch of artistry.

Should I have video or animation?

If your business is suited to it and you have the budget then video or animation will be very effective. See our dedicated page on video & animation to find our more.

What about offers? Is that content?

Yes. You can create offers for first time buyers or returning buyers. You can offer gifts or extras such as pdfs for download. You can present your audience with “those who looked at this, also looked at” or you can offer the chance to review products and service that you offer.

You can look at your website or other marketing as one giant offer, therefore offers are certainly content.

If you have asked some of the questions above, then talk to BDS Design. We love creating content.