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It all starts here, the building block of your brand. At BDS Design we know that your brand announces how you wish to be seen in the market place and what values are most important to you. In short, your brand identity should exemplify who you are and represent the pinnacle of your values.

To create your brand identity, we’ll research your brand values with you and against local and national competitors. We’ll create mood boards, rough sketches and wireframes to show how we think your brand can be expressed in visual terms, explaining how we are going to create your vision. This critical part of planning allows us to debate the vision before approaching the detail of the creative solution.

Once established, your brand identity should inform every part of your design portfolio thereafter. Hence it is essential to get this absolutely right. Shapes, colours and words, each provide the seeds into which your market presence will grow and get you recognised.

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At BDS Design we have a wealth of experience working with clients to achieve superb brands but you don’t have to take our word for it, see for yourself.

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From your brand we develop a wealth of graphical possibilities such as icons, watermarks, animations, e-cast templates and newsletter banners. Immediately recognisable as your brand, they reinforce your market presence and make you quite simply unforgettable.

At BDS Design we work together with you to bring your vision alive. That is what we are good at. That is why we are the first choice for so many companies, large and small.

If you are an SME, take a look at our BDS Web Starter Programmes which can fit the branding and development of your business superbly. Larger companies or companies that already have a long history and existing market presence should contact our sales team to discuss requirements.