MARC for digital content

Give your sales initiative a head start by working with BDS, the UK’s premier supplier of data to libraries.

Direct sales of digital content to libraries can only be achieved if a MARC record for the library catalogue can be supplied at the point of sale.

BDS data for e-books and other digital resources are created as a MARC record. MARC is the international data format which libraries use to import records direct to their catalogue.

• The MARC record contains a direct access point to take the library user to the e-resource
• Items with MARC records displayed alongside print products
• Using MARC format reinforces the quality of the product to the librarian
• Customised data can be sent direct to libraries
• Every record includes Dewey and Library of Congress classification, Library of Congress subject headings, name authority and the new RDA standard

Why is BDS the vital link?

Established in 1995, BDS has a client base which includes the British Library, 98% of the public libraries in the UK, a significant and increasing number of academic libraries, both in the UK and internationally, and a large number of international schools.

BDS supplies data in a variety of ways, including the library protocol Z39.50, Direct Data Feed, FTP and via our online resource, BDSLive. See our delivery page for more information.

By working with BDS you are assured of:

• An agreed schedule to have new releases ready for launch date each month
• Delivery of records to libraries on your behalf
• Records for the digital archive back file
• Expert advice on current library standards and implementation
• Customised URL links in records for specific customers
• Links to extended data, including images
• A helpline providing both you and your customers with expert advice

Working with BDS ensures that you will have consistent, premier quality records for all digital publications.