Enhance your catalogue

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You may have legacy records in your catalogue that do not comply to current standards, or your catalogue may have been compiled from a number of sources with varying practices. We can enhance your catalogue to improve access to the collections you hold and ensure that it is compliant with the latest standards.

Retrospective Conversion with RDA Enhancement

The BDS RDA Enhancement Service represents a significant step towards modernising library catalogues and forms part of BDS’s Retrospective Conversion service.

AACR2 records are modified automatically to make them more compatible with RDA cataloguing rules. The service offers libraries the opportunity to update their catalogues while keeping costs down.

Bibliographic records created using RDA are more user-friendly. There are no Latin abbreviations, for example, and details and attributes are spelt out fully rather than in code, improving the appearance and intelligibility of records for a non-specialist audience.

In this process, your local information is protected and merged with our data. We can add extended content and link to images.

If you require assistance with updating to the latest edition of Dewey Decimal Classification, we can assist with this exercise.

Our team of experienced I T staff and cataloguers are at your disposal to make sure your catalogue is refreshed and consistent.

An important part of any catalogue enhancement project is adding visual content

BDS Link is a comprehensive resource, including cover images and internal scans for books, covers for audio books, DVDs, videos and games, screenshots for computer games, film trailers and audio clips. It covers most of the popular stock you are likely to have in your library.

Images as part of the library catalogue increase the chances of people finding what they want, reducing frustration and enhancing the search experience while increasing lending. That is why the BDS Link is an important resource to keep your library in the public eye.

Our BDSLink service, uses no space on the library service server. Images and information are delivered seamlessly onto the screen of the user directly from the BDS server.

BDS Link comprises ​BDS's Library Lookup Widget and the BDS Image Grabber Service or access via XML API. See our relevant Delivery section for more information.