E-books, RFID and VoD

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BDS supplies MARC records for e-books. The content of e-book records is consistent with the quality of our records for physical books.
BDS works with e-book platform providers to provide a library-specific URL which directs the user to the content licensed by their library.

OUP says:

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OUP has been receiving library-quality MARC records from BDS both for our own e-resources and for those of our partner presses for nearly six years. We’ve always found them responsive to our deadlines, sometimes at very short notice, quick to query problems so we can resolve them and excellent communicators. We would be delighted to recommend them to other ebook publishers.


Borrowing books, DVDs and games can become even more informative, helpful and even entertaining as BDS’s information-rich data is now used by RFID suppliers to display images and extended content on RFID self-issue terminals.

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The terminals, already in use in libraries across the country, use Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) technology to offer a range of services which may include the issue, renewal and return of items, checking account status and even to pay fees without the need to interact directly with a member of library staff.

The enhanced elements of the BDS data, such as book jacket images and jewel-case covers on music CDs and DVDs, can be used to give visual feedback. The wealth of information stored in BDS data can also allow for descriptions, author, title and genre cross-referencing and reading suggestions within library stock.

The option of using enhancements via RFID will be available to any local authorities using the BDS XML API or the Image Grabber services, providing existing terminals permit this function. Existing BDS customers using these services will be entitled to this option at no increased BDS subscription fee.


For libraries working with film, BDS data now carries descriptions for Video on Demand titles. This goes alongside its already extensive film clip and trailer download service.