Benefits, Standards & Delivery

The benefits of BDS data

BDS creates data from information supplied direct from publishers, film and music studios, and games suppliers. We aggregate and add value to this information. We use stringent industry data standards when we create our records, and update the information during the life-cycle of the product. Our aim is to ensure that you have an accurate, consistent and reliable record of the highest quality.

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Some of the benefits of using BDS data:

• pre-release information supplied by publishers and studios
• book-in-hand records created on publication
• short product descriptions for all media
• audience level information
• cover and internal content images
• popular and important publications and releases identified
• extensive categories for video
• music artist biographies
• track listings
• streaming film trailers
• extensive cross-referencing linking people and themes across media
• comprehensive production details for games and video
• free consultation to help you decide on the best package of services
• flexible integration of extended content into your system

The importance of data

You need data to be detailed and consistent or you will not find what you are looking for. Whether you are in a library, a bookshop, looking for film, music or games in a retail or online environment, data is a core component of all services relating to purchasing, borrowing or trading. BDS helps you deliver a better service, leading your customers to the items they want to borrow or buy.

Application of leading technology

By utilising leading technology, BDS provides innovative solutions to manage data and digital resources that are flexible, dependable and always under your complete control.

Access to industry experts

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Our team of experienced staff are dedicated to meeting and exceeding your expectations.

Reduction of labour-intensive activities

You can save hundreds of hours each year by offloading labour-intensive activities, such as updating catalogues and catalogue records, keeping up with the latest releases, gathering cast information, updating prices and gathering information for reporting.

Access to world-class capabilities and technologies

We continually explore, test and invest in new and proven technology that will deliver better services to you.

Save money

Data is the core of our business. We provide our services to customers all over the world so we can offer a much more cost-effective solution than any internal solution.

Data standards

Data standards are key to presenting consistent information that allows libraries in particular to manage the large volume of information in their catalogues. The use of standards also ensures that your data is consistent with other organisations, important in a world where resources are shared.

BDS data adheres to all current library cataloguing and classification standards:

• MARC21, UKMARC or UNIMARC exchange format
• NACO authority control for contributors
• Dewey Decimal Classification
• Library of Congress Classification
• Library of Congress Subject Headings
• UK Standard Library Categories (UKSLC)
• Genre headings for fiction

We also include Thema subject categories.


Obtaining data from BDS is easy and flexible. We work with you to find the best delivery solution that fits with your particular systems and methods of working. We also recognise the need that libraries, businesses and organisations have to address their specific markets. We do not have a one-size-fits-all policy; we prefer to talk with our customers and find the best solution for them.

For further information on particular methods of delivery see the sections:

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