BDSLive & BDSLite

BDSLive is an integrated multimedia web-based service which delivers our data for books and home entertainment products. This is a resource with global coverage, which helps you find the items you want.

BDSLive allows you to download MARC records. You can elect to look only at library-quality records, or include trade records to enhance retrieval.
Library-quality records adhere to all current cataloguing standards, including DDC and LCC classification, and are created by library professionals.

BDSLive allows you to:

• Look and load
• Search and research

• Purchase and catalogue
• Create and share
• View and listen

BDSLive integrates catalogue records with extended content, including:

• Book reviews and author notes
• This week’s top ten
• Film trailers, audio clips and track listings
• Price, availability and stockholding

Enhanced information such as descriptions, jacket images, sound clips, artist biographies, book reviews, screen grabs and trailers make up an important part of the offering within BDSLive, helping you to select items for purchase, build relevant reading lists and advise customers.

Bring your library to life

Each record can also be linked via dedicated APIs to make your library catalogue even more informative and engaging for staff and customers. You can choose the extent of the integration of enhanced information you wish to achieve within your library management system.

BDSLive also offers:

• Item, price and availability on an ISBN and a supplier basis
• Look inside the book to assist with selection
• Unique access to BDS’s trade database
• Authority-wide access – no need to “pay per seat”
• BDSLite mode for customer access

BDSLive covers English language publications for books, film, music and games for UK and US publications.

We have been impressed by BDS’s flagship product since its launch. Its accuracy, richness of information and flexibility in use have added value to our library catalogue. As we use it we find more ingenious ways exploit its potential. East Sussex County Council Library Service uses BDSLive and the customer-facing, BDSLite, so both librarians and the general public give this new development from BDS a thumbs up.

Chris Desmond, Stock Strategy Manager, East Sussex County Council Libraries


BDSLite makes the functionality of BDSLive available to your customers.

Controlled by I P address, your customers can find all the information they need about books, audio books, e-books, DVD, and video games. It can be used by your customers or staff on reference enquiry points and can be linked to your library OPAC.

BDSLive and BDSLite make staff and customers aware of the wider world of books and other media which may not be represented in your own collection.

See also BDZ, DDF, Autoresponse, BDS EDI & BDSLink.