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Coventry University says:

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“The service is excellent and has become part of our daily processes, saving us hours of manual input and avoiding inaccuracies in metadata.”

Sandy Forster, Information Resource Manager, Coventry University

The quality data produced by BDS is ideally suited to academic library catalogues. We use name authority control and index extensively via Library of Congress Subject Headings to provide many access points to the records in your catalogue. We also offer Dewey Decimal and Library of Congress Classification, which makes it quick and easy to add items to your collections.

BDS data enhances the research and study experience for students in further and higher education. All the services, data and delivery methods referred to on this website, from BDSLive to BDZ to the BDSLink, are available to academic institutions.

Students expect information to be presented in a way that is visually stimulating. With the library being an integral part of the study process, the role of extended content and data that is accurate, detailed and entertaining is vital to a student’s progress. Using BDS data within your library catalogue will enable your students to find what they need quickly. Extended content, including jacket images, sample pages of text, tables of contents, book descriptions and other important information, makes research an engaging and entertaining process while ensuring that the student finds the book they need.

Integrate BDS data and images seamlessly into your library management system via BDSLink, via our ftp, Z39.50 and XML API delivery options.

Services to schools

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BDS provides data and images to leading school library management systems.

BDS data is ideal for use in schools. School librarians will appreciate the detailed bibliographic information that supports stock management and title selection while students will be attracted to titles via the diverse and engaging routes to resource discovery including book jackets images and internal scans. Whether at Primary level or in Secondary schools, whether learning to read or studying for examinations, BDS data is the ideal digital assistant in a school library.

Compatibility with All Suppliers

Metadata in MARC format is standard for all BDS generated records, so no matter what source you choose to purchase from, BDS ensures the publication will fit seamlessly into your library catalogue.

“Our OPAC is enriched by cover images supplied by BDS in real time. The book cover images are very important and enhance the study process.”
Marisa Calleja Head of Service, SLS HQ in St Julians, Malta