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Melia Publishing Services, specialist distributor for international publishers, adopted the BDSDigital Publishing Management Software in order to streamline its workflows.

Melia Publishing Services provides specialist distribution services for international publishers offering expert advice as well as quality sales and distribution in respect of in excess of 10,000 titles.

The services that Melia provide include maintaining up to date titles information both internally and on their web site and ensuring that the trade agencies all receive a constant supply of sales data on every title. With the growing use of ONIX this means exporting selections of titles in the new ONIX formats as well as the more traditional exports of CSV and Excel spreadsheets. In addition, AI sheets need to be produced, commonly as PDF files, and price lists, either as Word documents or spreadsheets.

Catalogues for reps, sales agents and other members of the trade also need to be produced at regular intervals and all these need to contain up to date price and availability information - a huge task that had up till now been a largely manual process.

Following the implementation of the BDSDigital Publishing Management software the amount of time taken to produce all this information has been drastically reduced. The Melia web site now acts as a central repository for storage of all the data for each title, including jacket images and related media files.

BDSDigital’s easy to use CMS makes it quick and efficient to add new titles and update price and availability information on existing titles. The system is a web based application which means that staff can access it securely with only an internet connection and the Melia titles database is run in parallel on separate servers (a development server and a live server) to ensure that no data is lost.

Once the data has been entered and updated it can be immediately made available to the Melia web site ensuring that members of the trade can rely on the accuracy of the website. Data can be exported in ONIX and also proprietary spreadsheet formats and then transmitted to bibliographic agencies and the trade. In addition, PDF AI sheets can be dynamically generated from the web site ensuring that they are always current.

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